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Henrik Grim

Henrik Grim

General Manager at Capchase
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Bio Henrik is responsible for growing Capchase in Europe, bringing his understanding of the disconnect between founder needs and market options. Career History Henrik is an experienced tech leader and investor, with 10 years experience at leading technology, consultancy and VC firms across Europe, including Northzone Ventures, Spotify and McKinsey.



There’s another funding route in town - and it could fill a vital gap in the financing ecosystem

23 Sep 2021

Tech is booming. It’s been booming for a while and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing. It doesn’t matter if you benchmark based on startups, funding or research, it’s a market that is surging. Every other headline seems to announce new records in the world of tech financing, that keep growing and growing in terms of scale. We have seen a tidal wa...