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Galit Shani-Michel

Galit Shani-Michel

VP Payments at Forter
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Bio Galit Shani-Michel is VP Payments at Forter where she helps global e-commerce merchants increase their approval rates. Career History Prior to Forter, Galit held head of payments and head of risk roles at major online gaming operators and PSPs.



From Payment Optimisation to Personalisation

27 Sep 2023

Customers expect their entire purchase journey to be seamless, smooth and feel part of a coherent, cohesive whole. Payments professionals are increasingly stepping up to the broader challenge, expanding their vision beyond a narrow focus on payment to include aspects of the customer journey that might otherwise fall through the cracks. The result ...



PSD3: 4 Real Problems Addressed, Yet 1 Big Opportunity Missed

19 Sep 2023

Now that the first draft of the proposed PSD3 regulation has been released, there is a significant amount of interest in data sharing between banks and third-party organisations. PSD3, in its current guise, raises several questions around its impact on online credit card payments, fraud, and conversion rates. Yes, the draft proposal addresses fou...


Why PSPs Don’t Mention Recovering Hard Declines

10 Feb 2023

As the new year sets in and proactive merchants continue to think of ways to boost revenue in the face of a likely recession across many parts of the world, paying attention to hard declines might not be the first area of the payments journey that gets attention. Why is this? It’s because hard declines seem to end the customer’s journey. Most peop...


Crossing the Data Delta: How to Work with your PSP on your PSD2 Strategy

05 Dec 2022

The PSD2 regulation came into force in the UK on 14 March 2022, a full two years after it was implemented in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Central to the directive is the requirement for merchants to conduct Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) unless an exemption or exclusion can be granted. However, although this, in theory, means less fraud...