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Is the future of banking distribution conversational ?

04 Feb 2019

AI-enabled banking distribution models Whether through chatbots or voice assistants, bank customers are beginning to experience Banking AI and are responding favourably. Initially, the focus of these interfaces is similar to the task-oriented nature of channels that banks already provide. Though conversational interfaces have yet to attain the lev...


Conversational Banking Innovators and Challengers

04 Feb 2019

Following on from my post on a conversational interface framework and the road to conversational interfaces, here's a quick overview of some of the innovators that have taken early advantage of conversational interfaces in banking. Note this isn't just about chatbots, but pretty much the full breadth of conversational interfaces. I tried to cover...


The road to conversational banking

04 Feb 2019

Banking Channels History Customer interaction and channels preferences have experienced significant changes over time and are constantly evolving and expanding across all industries, including banking. To consolidate customer satisfaction and cultivate customer advocacy, banks must endeavour to continue to meet these changing needs through use of ...


Conversational Banking Landscape

22 Jan 2019

Conversational interfaces are gaining momentum both in banking and pretty much every other industry. However the landscape of technology to support can be confusing and complex. The framework pictured here is not a technical architecture, but a functional view of the key components of a “conversational banking framework”. There are many conversati...