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Vice President Europe & Asia at Volante Technologies Inc.
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Bio I run the EMEA region for Volante Technologies Inc. who are a leader in the provision of data and message integration solutions. Career History I have worked in Wholesale Financial IT for the past 25 years since leaving University. 23 of those have been spent in financial messaging in development, support, consultancy, project management, pre-sales and business ownership. I worked for BIS Banking Systems (Misys as is now), TCA, ABS, was a d

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A business case for SWIFT

  Bob, I know it sounds very traditional, but good old fashioned Business Analysis, tied to a sound vision of what the organization wants to achieve in the way of improved services/SLAs, differentiation against competitors, cost reduction and increased bottom line, is the basic answer. Once you have decided on those things then the Business Analyst, provided you have one or more with the requisite broad knowledge of the standards and delivery landscape, should be able to provide recommendations on the most appropriate way forward. As I said it is good old fashioned gap analysis driven from business requirements/desires. I really don't think corporate planning should be dictated by the standards that are out there or the networks that can transport or validate them. In the end as my previous post stated, one of the advantages from a selfish point of view is that if there isn't an ISO 20022 compliant message out there that fits your purpose you can always create your own message or variant of one that exists and still claim to be supporting the standard (which technically you are)! The key to this approach is having an appropriate environment that enables this choice of appropriate data structure per function and delivery channel. There may be differences in real time vs non time critical, totally secure vs secure as it needs to be; adoption of a global standard vs leveraging extensions to create commercial differentiation. Whatever you do don't let your internal infrastructure limit your choices. You might say "of course she would say that" but just because I work for a vendor that has particular interest in this area doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't so. :-)