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The real time risk challenge

13 Sep 2011

In a recent report from Lepus, senior representatives from global investment banks indicated that current approaches to risk management are inadequate. As it stands, global investment banks are at different stages in the move to real time risk management. However, all agreed that the ability to aggregate global data and take snapshots of their ri...


Filling the IT skills gap in financial services

26 Aug 2011

As hundreds of thousands of young adults reflect on their A-level results and look ahead to the future, they might do worse than to consider a career in IT. Demand for IT staff jumped 44% in July 2011 compared to the same time last year, according to recruitment group Reed’s Annual Job Index. And yet the number of students taking IT courses has, ...



6 out of 10 firms are social media novices. Where to start?

01 Aug 2011

I don’t want Facebook controlling my finances. Nor do I want to ‘poke’ my bank or become a ‘fan’ of my chosen institution. What I do want is the choice of how I bank and for my bank to be listening to what I want. And I don’t think I’m alone. It’s not that I have an aversion to social media; in fact it’s the opposite. I just think certain uses hav...



What banks can learn from the high street

30 Jun 2011

The Independent Commission on Banking's (ICB) plans to ring fence the UK retail operations of universal banks to protect business lending and depositors assets have been highly publicised in recent weeks. However, one problem with this proposal is that, with the notable exception of HSBC, no UK universal bank has enough retail deposits to cover re...