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Bio I am an independent Digital Banking consultant, an entrepreneur, a mentor for Startupbootcamp and Techstars, an uncomfortably opinionated blogger, a public speaker at industry events, the mother of a 4-going-on-14 year old, and maybe most importantly, I'm on a crusade to teach the industry that Big- Career History While for the past 18 years I've alternated between the Telco and the Finance world on the strategy and consulting side be it for sales or marketing, for the past 5, I've been the Head of Sales and then Marketing for Meniga from when it was a tiny Icelandic start-up to being market leader in custome



NatWest - our Love Hate Relationship

20 Oct 2017

Regulation – one of the most heated (and arguably “hated”) words in banking. While it’s there to protect our collective money, it’s also the scape goat for all the things we failed the consumer with. Over the years most of the CX wish-list was met with the famous “computer says “no” in a regulatory flavour. “No, international transfers can’t be fa...


Goodbye, Santander! The end of a banking love affair

19 Oct 2016

My love affair with Santander began many years ago when I started meeting some of their amazing people at the start of my journey of selling them Meniga's PFM. Over time many of those people became friends because it's hard to resist bankers with such astoundingly large hearts. Don't get me wrong, most banks have a contingent of great minds and fi...



Breaking news: Experts say you can save instead of spending!

26 Jul 2016

Just as I was about to move away from my tentative foray in the psychology of saving I was exploring the other week, my eye was caught by a Google alert about a newspaper article that rapidly brought my blood to boiling point. Behold: "How the 50-20-30 rule will stop YOU from ever being out of pocket again: Experts share a simple yet savvy mo...


Spenders and Savers

18 Jul 2016

Following my call for action of a few articles ago I’ve decided to do something about it. Since the industry won’t listen to me faster and set up new ways of studying how their customers truly feel about money I’ve decided I’ll take it upon myself to execute on “Emotional Banking”. Granted, nothing will be valuably scientific and my research utter...