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Denis Novikov

Denis Novikov

Deputy Director of Business Development at Qulix Systems
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Bio The representative of the StandFore FS banking platform. Strategy development consultant for Digital Banking products. Experienced in the field of software development and implementation for financial organizations.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Connected Finances. Part 3: Getting More Personal and Invisible

31 Dec 2019

In the years to come, we may surely expect a lot of new improvements, and many of them will appear thanks to the Internet of Things. This technology is not only a hype nowadays but also a must if you want to stay afloat in your line of business. Well, how exactly can the Internet of Things help your financial business? We were discussing some of

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Connected Finances. Part 2: When the Internet of Things Secures Your Finances

06 Dec 2019

The Internet of Things has a considerable flair for innovations and is penetrating virtually any sphere of human activities. Surely, we all have noticed how our finances have moved towards becoming all digital and we are gradually forgetting what it is like to use paper cash. More on how businesses are adopting the benefits of the IoT in banking a...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Connected Finances: When the Internet of Things Goes to the Bank

25 Nov 2019

Gartner forecasts that by 2020 there will be 21 billion connected “things” in the world. In the coming years, financial institutions will not be able to avoid wondering how this multitude of IoT devices can help their business. Let’s touch upon some IoT use cases in financial services. How the Internet of Things Changes the Banking and Finance Ind...

Open Banking

How can banks win in the SME market: contemporary mobile banking trends

05 Nov 2019

SMEs represent a tremendously large market for banks. According to the BankingCircle, in Europe, small and medium enterprises make 99% of all businesses and create more than 85% of all new jobs in the last five years. In the US, there are 30 million SMEs. They generate about ⅔ of jobs in the private sector and have $46 trillion of annual spending...