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Payments Specialist at Lusis Payments
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Career History David has over 20 years' experience in the financial services sector, the majority of that focussed on payment technologies and within the retail banking sector, including working as a technical and solutions consultant.


The Payments Business

A Reflection on Payments Fraud: 2022 and Beyond

28 Jul 2022

The dramatic surge in card fraud during the pandemic has been well documented. More recently, market research is showing a reduction in the number of fraud cases as a result of payments organizations implementing modern fraud prevention solutions. However, while the volume of card fraud is declining, the monetary amount of fraud is not, as fraudst...


Changing the Payment Card Monopoly: What Does it Take?

21 Apr 2022

“Do you take plastic?” There was a time when consumers where asking that question in Retail outlets around the world. Nowadays, the ability to pay for goods and services with a debit or credit card is so commonplace that consumers simply assume that card acceptance is available virtually everywhere. It wasn’t always like this but several decades o...


Trends in Financial Services

2022’s FinTech battle will be infrastructure-focused

18 Jan 2022

FinTechs have one main advantage in the market - flexibility. They have been able to move quickly to develop new features and roll them out before traditional banks could. Now however, we see traditional banks rolling out those same features. In 2022, the winners will be those with the infrastructure clout to seize new opportunities ahead. The chal...

Digital Bank Transformation

Tech infrastructure design doesn’t need to be difficult

21 Dec 2021

It’s become a cliche, but the pandemic has accelerated a decade’s worth of change into just a few short years. But it’s already time for entrepreneurs, business leads and tech teams to look ahead to the next decade of challenges in financial services. The big challenge ahead for traditional financial institutions however, is that their infrastruc...

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