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Blockchain Observations

The future for blockchain is bright and it’s integrated

16 Apr 2019

April seems to have been a big month so far for Digital Asset. Only a week after their announcement regarding their open sourcing of the platform, they have now published a press release stating that they will be also be integrating DAML with VMWare’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform, and they have also hinted that they may also integrate wit...

Blockchain Observations

DLT and hybrid technology solutions are now more readily available

05 Apr 2019

There has been some exciting news from Digital Asset Holdings (DA) this week, with their announcement of various measures to increase accessibility and visibility of their platform. Firstly, they have stated that their DAML software development kit (SDK) will now be available on a free basis without request. As there is no longer an approval stage ...

Capital Markets Technology

Blockchain: Can it handle real-world trading volumes?

19 Oct 2018

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has received significant attention in recent years and is viewed by many as a technology solution that can reduce operational costs and inefficiency across the capital markets. However, until now, DLT has not been able to demonstrate enterprise maturity, nor scalability sufficient to handle real-world financial ...