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Big Banks Don’t Need Big Bangs: An Evolutionary Approach to Enterprise Stress Testing

06 Feb 2015

Automating enterprise stress testing, like other complex IT undertakings, doesn’t lend itself very well to a “big bang” approach. The implementation of any IT solution to address a comprehensive regulatory mandate such as CCAR, DFAST or EBA Stress Testing all at once can be inherently risky, time consuming and very expensive. With regulators lase...


Forecast, Model, Repeat...

24 Oct 2014

Welcome to the 5th Annual CCAR Cycle For bank holding companies (BHCs) with more than $50 billion in assets, it’s time to get moving if you haven’t already. The Federal Reserve just released its scenarios and shocks for the 2015 Comprehensive Capital Analysis & Review (CCAR) exercise, and these banks’ capital plans are due on or before Janua...

Innovation in Financial Services

Know, Wow, and Empower Customers

16 Sep 2014

Making Customer Insight Analytics Actionable Like most large commercial banks, I’m sure that my bank views my checking account for exactly what it is on its balance sheet, a liability. To be fair, I treat it as my personal controlled disbursement account. Money is directly deposited semi-monthly, and evaporates just as fast to cover my mortgage, b...


A Countdown to Risk Data Aggregation Readiness

15 Aug 2014

At a recent risk conference, a prominent regulator stated that only a third of the Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (or SIFI’s as they are known) were well on their way to complying with the new regulation on risk data aggregation and reporting. Furthermore, he indicated that another third of these banks thought that they were...