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David Csiki

David Csiki

Managing Director at INDATA
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Bio In the role of managing director, Dave maintains a constant pulse on the changing technology and operational needs of investment firms to support the entire investment management process. He has a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics including the cloud, changing regulatory and complianc Career History Prior to joining INDATA, Dave was Manager of Marketing and Investor Relations at Trinitech Systems and was instrumental in developing the product concept and planning the successful launch of the company's flagship product, NYFIX, an electronic communications network utilizing the FIX protocol.



Widespread Adoption of Cloud-Based Technology on the Horizon

26 Mar 2014

A recent survey from Oracle, Accenture, and others predicts the imminent and widespread adoption of cloud solutions by financial services firms!? Well, better late the never… As usual, large organizations like those conducting the survey are the last to jump on the “trend” bandwagon while small organizations have already gone “all in” on the clou...


The Nexus of Applying Experience to Inefficiency

14 Mar 2013

A recent survey found that it is more expensive to maintain legacy systems vs. current “state-of-the-art” systems. No surprise there. Legacy systems usually require additional staff who are familiar with the “quirks” of the specific legacy systems in question. In addition, these individuals are also usually versed in a “work around” philosophy wh...



Switching OMS's - Not as Daunting as One Would First Think

25 Feb 2013

Interesting research from the Tabb Group on how the buy-side is split on the concept of the combined OMS/EMS solution. Not surprising that many of the buy-side firms surveyed liked the overall concept of the combined OMS/EMS, but they were not so keen on moving towards these types of solution due to trader preferences, etc. We have always maintain...


Increased Transparency: Byproduct of Improving Technology

31 Jan 2013

A recent survey from a buy-side consulting firm revealed that investment management firms are as focused on client initiatives as they are on upcoming regulatory change. This make complete sense as, in fact, the two go hand in hand. Increased transparency is a byproduct of improving a firm’s regulatory and compliance capabilities. That’s where...