Jim Steven

Jim Steven

Head of Breach Response at Experian
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Big Data

What partners do businesses need to prepare for a data breach?

16 Jul 2021

The risk of a data breach is an ever-present challenge for businesses across the world. With more transactions between business and customer now carried out digitally than ever before, the currency of data – and its safe-keeping – has never been more critical. As discussed in my previous Finextra blog, there are a number of things organisations ca...

Data Management and Governance

How businesses should prepare for a data breach

01 Jun 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the business landscape. From how customers now expect to interact with companies in a seamless, digital journey to how best to confirm the identity of both new and existing customers, businesses now face a completely new set of operational challenges. Challenges which have accelerated rapidly since the pan...

Information Security

How COVID-19 is evolving the data breach communication process

07 May 2020

Covid-19 is at the forefront of business minds right now, with many tasking themselves with understanding, reacting to and learning lessons from this ever-changing situation. However, although business survival will be the top priority throughout this pandemic, it’s also essential to have the correct processes in place to effectively respond to a ...


International data breach readiness: the importance of an effective plan

08 Jan 2019

Delivering an excellent customer experience is what sets businesses apart from their competitors and is an essential service for every business. Thinking further afield, it is also important for global organisations to provide a service that meets the needs of a broader diverse customer base. When it comes to notifying these customers of an inte...