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12 Terms Every Crypto Trader Should Know. Part 2

10 May 2022

Read Part #1 of this subject on 7. Historical Maximum (ATH) This term probably requires no explanation. Historical High (ATH - All-Time High) is the highest recorded price of an asset. For example, Bitcoin's ATH on Binance during the 2017 bull market was $19...


12 Terms Every Crypto Trader Should Know. Part 1

08 May 2022

Introduction Whether you're new to cryptocurrency, trading the stock market, or day trading Forex, you hear a lot of trading terms, some of which may be unfamiliar. FOMO, ROI, ATH, HODL - what does it all mean? Trading and investing have their own language, and learning all the new terms is not easy. However, they can be very useful if you want to...


Сryptocurrency For Beginners: What is a cryptocurrency in simple words?

07 May 2022

What is a cryptocurrency in simple words? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that south cryptography to save transactions and control the creation of new units. It’s also known as virtual currency or digital cash. Cryptocurrency isn’t backed by any government or central bank and is generally decentralized. Cryptocurrency is created and held elec...

Cryptocurrency Insights

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software? How to Open Your Own Exchange?

06 May 2022

Over 2,300 businesses in the US alone use bitcoin and other digital assets for transactional, operational, and investments purposes. It is no wonder that many individuals and businesses jump on the opportunities cryptocurrencies offer. One of such crypto opportunities is creating your own exchange platform with a cryptocurrency exchange script. W...