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Atso Andersen

Atso Andersen

Head of Corporate Relations at Aalto University
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Bio Atso Andersen is Head of Corporate Relations at Aalto University. He has 15 years of professional experience in the finance industry. Moreover, he promotes financial literacy, professional education in asset management and financial innovation.



Art of defusing large traders

25 Apr 2010

Hope US authorities have written the script before the play. Skilled but not wise traders made record profits at the cost of others. It was a moral meltdown, all the way. Another Enron, but larger, one could say. Now these traders turn into huge weapons of mass destruction themselves. Middlemen at the heart of global financial flows turned out to ...


INET of NasdaqOMX will blow up Nordic trading?

05 Jan 2010

Compare share turnover ratios of Nasdaq US and NasdaqOMX Nordic exchanges: 1040% vs. 140% in October 2009 (see figure here). Trading is seven times more active in the Nasdaq US. Spring 2010 will bring the same technology to Nordic exchanges where the same large international players are already present. Shall we see some heavy trading in previousl...


Financial Services' Contribution to Climate Change

03 Nov 2009

It is indirect, the industry representatives used to say. Then the stories went to the difficulty to provide climate change- or sustainability-oriented mutual fund products as they underperform the main indexes. Finally, we have this payments related e-invoicing story which is to the point and of high importance! But to really understand how Finan...



Stamping out - Bailing out

08 Jun 2009

Not a one finance professional has even smiled on this comparison. Odd, because these verbs are almost synonyms meaning similar activity - cleaning the cowshed after risks have realised and diseased production stock removed. So please my reader do not mind and take a step back. In both Chinese milk crisis and financial crisis the methodology of sup...


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