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Anthony Pickup

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Consultant at MYRECS LTD
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Bio After supporting Trak Global (IMS) to secure their location services delivered by IoT devices and mobile applications, delivering change control and new features to meet data compliance requirements. I am now back helping a number of companies on both short term engagements in payments and a Start-up to launch a mobile-first platform for mobile stylists and clients. Career History Recently working with established organisations. Previously delivering regulated changes to organisations including set-up to launch of savings & loans digital-first FINTECH through PRA and FCA compliance. Previously a CHYP Principal payments and eID - delivered the world's first Live NFC transaction for RBS 2007, customer ID and commercial modeling for clients.


Futuristic Banking

Are 'Gestures' and your 'Gait' the future to securing transactions?

11 Jul 2019

About a year ago I read news that researchers have devises how to make how we walk protect private information opens up an interesting use of biometric data. ( The solution described in the article describes how a personal device with motion sensors are capable of sec...


What is holding back commercial eID services?

08 Feb 2019

The recent article[1] about the UK governments attempts to facilitate eID for government services being handed to the private sector made me think what is holding the eID market back? With mobile phone and integration of connected devices technologies improving the security and user experience for digital services. The use of biometric sensors in...



Bio-metrics lowering friction in payments

13 Nov 2018

Reading an article of linking facial recognition systems to in-store payments made me think about where next for biometrics in payments in the real world[1]. Payments at the highest level is one entity the ‘payer’ presenting funds to another entity the ‘payee’. There are then four key processes for each payment for it to be successful: Payer and ...

Futuristic Banking

What is next for ATMs as retail payment technologies evolve?

23 Feb 2018

I was asked recently to predict the future for ATMs (Auto Teller Machines) and the services they will provide. I approached this by looking back at what has driven the development of the ATM hardware and software we see today. My conclusion is that mass market technologies that have enabled ATMs to lower the cost of current their operation or red...


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