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Head of Banking & Financial Services, UK & Ireland at Cognizant
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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Are payment cards under threat?

01 Feb 2019

Consumers do not only compare how easy it is to make payments when buying goods with traditional providers, but also with other such as Amazon, PayPal and Google. As a result, they have expect payments to be easy, convenient, flexible, secure – in some cases they even want to be rewarded for making transactions. Customers will not stay loyal to th...


Data Management 101

Innovation and Commoditisation: Extracting Value from the New Era of Payments

21 Nov 2018

Consumers now expect easy and immediate payment services, no matter where they are or what they are buying, whatever the payment method. It may be symptomatic of the ‘age of instant gratification,’ but it also demonstrates how people value financial agility. This was highlighted by a recent system failure with the UK’s Faster Payments System that...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How technology can revive correspondent finance

26 Jul 2018

Despite the size of the market increasing, correspondent banking remains under pressure due to the cost of compliance, reputational risk and shrinking margins. Can technology strike the balance between de-risking and financial inclusion? A broader distribution of global wealth created new opportunities as well as obstacles for the financial sector...


Banking Architecture

Storefronting and the rise of window shopping in investment banking

07 Feb 2018

People’s interactions with their banks have undergone an extraordinary transformation. From the emergence of app-only challengers such as Monzo to the evolution of physical branches, technology has dramatically changed the age-old relationship. However, compared to typical high street interactions, the investment banking landscape has always been ...