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Ame Stuart

VP, Digital Banking & Transformation at Capgemini
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Bio Responsible for supporting retail banking, cards and payments organisations in driving value-based business & digital technology transformation. Development of digital strategy across finanical services, driving digital customer attraction, customer engagement strategies, NPS management and value creation. Working with a number of established partners and fintechs across the banking industry to drive end-to-end transformation. - Understanding the role of digital capabilities in driving new revenue streams enabled through a strategic API framework - Driving the Robotic Process Automation, NLG/NLP and AI agenda for creating operational excellence - Deciphering emerging technologies to understand how innovation can be applied to achieve specific business outcomes, as well as driving new ways of working


The Payments Business

The pandemic and cash usage

19 Feb 2021

A lot is being documented on how COVID has accelerated the digital banking and transformation agenda, as more remote channels have become the norm for everyday banking. Similarly, the pandemic has also had a very profound effect on payments, and ironically it is the way in which cash is used that is driving how future trends will shape up. For sev...



Ethical Banking: Evolving Corporate Social Responsibility

05 Feb 2021

There are so many theoretical definitions for ethical banking, everything from being environmentally friendly, having a net-neutral carbon footprint, not doing businesses with partners who are involved in non-sustainable sectors, investing back into the community, or operating on behalf of members. Most of these can be found in a company’s Corpora...