Nick Mothershaw

Nick Mothershaw

Chief Identity Strategist at Open Identity Exchange (OIX)
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Bio OIX a non-profit trade organisation on a mission to create a world where everyone can prove their identity and eligibility anywhere through a universally trusted ID. Working with organisations across the globe, Nick is leading the development of clear guidance around inter-operable, trusted identities. Career History In his previous role as Director of ID and Fraud at Experian, Nick led the development, launch and operation of a full Identity as a Service solution, the first live example of a digital ID that is seamlessly interoperable across public and private sector in the UK.


Digital Identity Management

Misconceptions that are slowing digital ID progress in banking and financial services

17 Jan 2023

For banking and financial services across the globe that embrace digital ID, the benefits will be vast. The digital ID ecosystem to enable this now exists and is rapidly expanding. Offerings are emerging around the globe that allow financial services firms to access digital IDs from a range of suppliers – spearheaded in the UK, for example, by tra...


Digital ID – why trust frameworks must succeed

03 May 2022

As the world continues to become more digital, enabling trusted digital transactions between various kinds of organisations – from banking and financial services to travel and gambling - and those they serve, becomes more complex. The persistent growth of identity fraud and the creative ways in which fraudsters are acquiring personal information o...

Digital Identity Management

Full digital ID adoption is just around the corner: why are tens of thousands still unprepared?

13 Sep 2021

There’s no doubt that a full digital ID reality is imminent. But tens of thousands of organisations across the globe have done little to prepare for it. They still have unanswered questions. Despite the myriad of events taking place across the globe exploring, addressing and solving digital ID problems, they’re not answering the key questions for ...


Protecting customers from push payment scams

04 Dec 2018

Fraud is a continuing problem globally. In fact, research from Experian highlights the annual cost of fraud as £190 billion, equal to nearly £7,200 per household. Although technology to protect customers continues to advance, fraudster will often find new, innovative ways of tricking people out of their personal details and money. A scam that has...