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Nick Mothershaw

Nick Mothershaw

UK&I Director of Identity & Fraud at Experian
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Protecting customers from push payment scams

04 Dec 2018

Fraud is a continuing problem globally. In fact, research from Experian highlights the annual cost of fraud as £190 billion, equal to nearly £7,200 per household. Although technology to protect customers continues to advance, fraudster will often find new, innovative ways of tricking people out of their personal details and money. A scam that has...

Online Banking

Current account fraud is rising - how can your business spot fraudsters?

07 Jun 2018

Fraudulent current account applications are on the rise. New statistics from Experian shows that criminals were behind 159 in every 10,000 current account applications in 2017, up from 138 in 2016 – helping contribute to the rate of all frauds which increased from 0.56% to 0.6%. This rise highlights a worrying trend of fraudsters heading back down...

Personal Finance

Identity, trust and value. How an unbalanced investment in trust can be a detriment to you.

27 Feb 2018

We can see in our research that most businesses are investing heavily in data and analytics to better understand their customers. This is great. The objective is to increase new customers and improve acquisition and onboarding rates. But, the same level of investment isn’t being put into data and analytics to fight fraud, or identify people. The r...


The fraud supply chain - a six part story

02 Aug 2016

There is some perception that the majority of the fraud we see is carried out by opportunistic individuals or small gangs, who operate on a small scale. The reality for fraud experts is that fraud is organised, complex and widespread. In fact, fraud driven by identity theft has an ecosystem and indeed a supply chain, which essentially falls into s...