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Bio Intix is a transaction data management platform that gives you visibility of everything you need to make decisions quickly, identify problems and overcome bottlenecks. With Intix, you get a complete view of your transaction data at every step. Built with and for the financial industry, we provide a reliable way for you to deliver fast, smooth and compliant transaction processing. Career History



Turning Transaction Data into Business Profit - the new challenge for financial institutions

02 Mar 2016

Long considered a protected space dominated by a few, the financial services industry is currently riding a giant wave of entrepreneurial disruption, disintermediation, and digital innovation. Recent industry developments such as the regulatory pressure as well as the criticality of business intelligence and customer experience are impacting banks...

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Banking on value: Financial institutions deserve more from their data

17 Nov 2023

In 2006, Clive Humby famously declared that “data is the new oil”. The eye-catching quote perfectly surmised the immense potential value of data as it was understood at the time. Since then, that potential has only grown, particularly within the realm of financial services. For many banks and financial institutions, data has become a cornerstone f...