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Bio 25 years of experience in IT/Banking Solutions - Focus areas are Mortgages, Consumer Lending, Core Banking Career History Started as a Physicist experimenting Solid State Physics in IIT, learned programming in Sybase Powerbuilder Java Weblogic and then now settled in Banking after MBA Finance from Rutgers,NJ.


Financial Services Regulation

TRID is almost here- are the mortgage lenders ready?

18 May 2015

- are your product vendors ready ? - if you are moving from one LOS to another, are u making changes in both LOS? -are you sure your product vendor will support all loan types? -how do you collaborate with settlement agents now? you need to issue accurate CD 3 clear days before closing? - where are you now?

Innovation in Financial Services

fee and revenue by lending other's money

09 Feb 2015

With P2P lending hitting high in industry, banks should jump faster to tae advantage this- innovative ideas flexi loans and flexi deposits - letting lender-customers and borrower-customers decide the interest rates and terms - banks can make more money thorugh documents, fees, faciliating mobie and card payments and enable lending as an aggregator...

Innovation in Financial Services

Should we go digital all the way?

04 Feb 2015

For the last few years see every stakeholder in every industry is pushing for digital, digitization with their own agenda citing various benefits such as productivity improvement, reduced cost of operations , increased customer experience and so on. Doing right things is one and doing things in rightway is another. By having mobile front end to te...



Should banks keep changing their IT systems with regulatory changes?

29 Jan 2015

During my discussions with analysts , I observed that various retail banks especially mortgage lenders struggling with implementation of new regulations in their IT systems. Especially if you have a third party LOS, or legacy technology LOS, or 'heavily customized-unsupported-by vendor' LOS - it is going to be nightmare. Also if you are in the pro...