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Bio A Retail banking Consultant in Analytics and Insights, who is immersed in the world of data! Career History A Banking and Consulting professional, worked across varied geographies on myriad assignments, ranging from Strategy, Process, Digitization and Transformation. Comfortable with both Retail and Corporate Banking worlds


Financial Risk Management

How Banks can leverage Data Blueprint to create an effective and efficient AML programme

23 May 2018

The Anti Money Laundering (AML) space is like a double edged sword that dangles on Banks. While on one hand the regulations are getting more stringent, on the other hand, fraudsters are always finding loopholes in bank's processes, procedures and patterns to go undetected with their money laundering activities. Hence, Banks need to up their effo

Disruption in Retail Banking

Why Banks cannot leverage on self-service options to bring out the intended business impact?

16 Apr 2018

All Banks today, irrespective of size or geography have joined the Digitization and self-service bandwagon. Investments and budgets are being carved out, and Digitization seems to be the top priority of every Bank, irrespective of size or geography Pick any annual report, or investor presentation, and in 8 out of 10 such instances, Digitization is ...


Customer inclusion to make Transformation successful

21 Jan 2015

A recent article on Finextra, on Barclays Code Playground inspired me to write my thoughts on this creative and relevant concept, introduced by a bank that obviously understands how important it is to take the customer along with the technology advancements, to create maximum impact. This article does not look at Code Playground, but touches upon ...


What should Business Transformation achieve?

16 Jan 2015

While most organizations have joined the Transformation bandwagon, let us pause, and spare a thought, to what should this magic word achieve? Even before embarking on a Transformation programme, a clear alignment of the initiative, with the strategic priorities of an organization, is a must. Failure to do so can prove disastrous, it terms of effo