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Head of Client Management, FIS Banking & Payments at FIS
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The mainframe evolution: Banking still needs workhorse tech

02 Oct 2018

In the financial services industry, where IT systems are high-volume and mission-critical, news of Big Iron’s ‘big crisis’ is greatly exaggerated, at least for now. It’s true that in today’s digital first world, cloud-based services are seeing rapid adoption across all industries, especially as fintech providers launch applications that enable imp...


Omnichannel: the retail bank's new sweetheart

30 Sep 2013

Multi-channel banking is old hat. When it comes to retail banking, ‘omnichannel’ is the new darling of the industry. Omnichannel is far more than a fleeting infatuation. It’s an approach that can deliver serious benefits to banks’ bottom lines. In order to tap into these results, banks need to raise their game to meet customer expectations and kee...



Under starters' orders: ready for rapid account switching?

19 Aug 2013

From September 2013, the starter’s pistol will fire and banks will be required to speed through customer bank account switching within seven days. This is in line with the Vickers report’s recommendations which stand to dramatically reform the banking industry. So what are the implications of these new requirements? Banks must be thoroughly prepare...