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Colin Gordon

Colin Gordon

Marketing Mgr - Self-service Reinvention at NCR | Financial
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Bio Interested in the role of the ATM as part of wider self-service reinvention and cash use within financial services industry. Curently a Solution Marketing Manager with NCR, based in Dundee, Scotland.



What might 2018 bring for the ATM channel?

16 Jan 2018

The future role of the ATM as a self-service channel is continually debated, with many experts questioning it's value in an ever-changing digital world. Smartphones, cashless, e-Payments and card are often seen as more important. In 2017 however, the ATM witnessed many changes, innovations and product launches that highlights it is still very im...

Trends in Financial Services

Why is modernization at the ATM important in retail banking?

08 Mar 2017

It is sometimes perceived that investing in modernization and innovation is a risk. In industries like retail banking, where financial technology is at the heart of change, not modernizing is potentially one of the biggest risks a financial institution could take, such is the anticipated pace of change expected in the next few years. The theme of...


The ATM market is changing. What might the future look like?

18 Aug 2016

Within the financial technology sector, the ATM is sometimes seen as an area of self-service that is seeing less use due to mobile or online adoption as consumers move towards e-money and contactless payments. What may surprise is that the global ATM market actually continues to grow at a significant pace. The theme of modernization, driven by re...


Why cash use and cashless together may be the future

06 May 2016

Last month myself and a colleague made a trip over to Stockholm, Sweden as part of an ATM Innovation Forum hosted by our company. This represented a very interesting opportunity to firstly meet with the country's ATM operators and financial institutions, as well as first hand observe and analyze the much hyped apparent move of Sweden becoming the...