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Investment Advisor at Keytom
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Bio I am an accomplished business leader with a robust background spanning over two decades in the financial industry. Having initially embarked on my professional journey in banking, I soon found myself transitioning into roles within the brokerage and wealth management domains. Today, I hold the position of Investment Advisor at neobank Keytom, responsible for evaluating and developing investment strategies and initiatives, implementing risk management procedures, and conducting monitoring for optimal capital efficiency. Career History Throughout my career, I have amassed invaluable experience collaborating with a myriad of financial institutions, brokerages, family offices, and hedge funds, including the likes of HYCM and Starting out as a sales manager, by the age of 25, I had already ascended to a leadership position in an international brokerage, entrusted with overseeing turnovers totaling tens of millions of US dollars. This extensive exposure has honed my ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, adapt to evolving market trends, and devise measures to drive business growth and profitability. Over the course of the past two decades, I have held top management positions in multiple high-profile financial and fintech companies, contributing to their development into international entities. I have also launched and developed my own business in these fields, the crypto-fiat hedge fund AlphaBerry Capital.



Restaking in Crypto: The Next Big Thing or a Risky Gamble?

25 Jun 2024

The cryptocurrency market has recently been witnessing a significant shift towards restaking, a process where crypto assets are locked up to earn additional rewards. In fact, it has become the second-largest sector in DeFi, with over $18 billion worth of crypto moving towards such platforms by the end of May 2024. However, as restaking gains pop...