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Raymond Li

Head of Buyside and Private Markets Vertical APAC at FIS
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Bio With over 16 years of experience in asset management and private markets organizations, Ray has a proven track record of strategic business development within the Buy Side sector. As the Head of Buyside and Private Market Vertical in APAC, Ray leverages his in-depth industry knowledge to bring to market the innovative portfolio management solutions that can help fund managers gain the operational efficiency, improve customer service and growth.


Data Management and Governance

Ensuring Accuracy, Ensuring Success: The Impact of Data Integrity on Asset Management

25 Mar 2024

Executive Summary In the increasingly complex world of asset management, data integrity is paramount and underpins all facets of operations – from decision-making to regulatory compliance and investor satisfaction. As firms navigate the challenges of managing large volumes of data from diverse sources, the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and ...