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SVP, Group Executive, Payments at FIS
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Digital Banking Trends

Powering financial inclusion with card processing technology

20 Mar 2024

Card issuers have a critical role to play in the drive to create a more inclusive financial system. And thanks to advances in technology, they are getting better and better at fulfilling that important obligation. Customers are banking on innovation For consumers, technology has long been a key driver of financial inclusion, especially among unbank...

Banking and Lending Solutions

New twists in the old story of card fraud

19 Feb 2024

Card fraud has been around for almost as long as credit cards themselves. But since the U.S.’s first reported case in 1899,[1] fraudsters and their methods have become increasingly sophisticated and are constantly evolving. You’ll think you’ve heard it all. But if you’re a financial institution and a card issuer, there’s now more need than ever fo...



Make debit cards add up for your bank

18 Jan 2024

For consumers around the world, debit cards have long been a mainstay of the payments experience. But have you ever considered how this basic banking staple could help you drive growth? From novel concept to global conquest When debit cards debuted in the 1970s, the concept of paying directly from your bank account was nothing short of revolutionar...