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Chief Strategy Officer at ETC Group
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Bio Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Career History I have spent most of my career in regulated Financial Services as well as young technology companies. I have worked for investment bank Jefferies at their offices New York, Paris, and London and at the trading powerhouse KCG in London where I headed the team at Knight Direct Europe. I co-founded fintech and payments company Zapper, and most recently I was CEO of the UK branch of the investment bank BCS Global Markets. I have always had a strong interest in nascent technology and my fascination with blockchain and crypto led me to attend the Blockchain Strategy course at the University of Oxford - Said Business School, following which I became a funding member of the London Blockchain Foundation.


Cryptocurrency Insights

What’s behind last week’s Bitcoin fall

23 Aug 2023

After an unusually long period of low volatility, the price of Bitcoin fell suddenly over the 17/18th August 2023 from over $29,000 to below $26,000. For the previous 8 weeks Bitcoin had been trading within a relatively narrow band between $29,000 and $31,000. Many believe it was negative macro sentiment that triggered the sell-off, with fears abou...


Cryptocurrency Insights

Cryptocurrencies – Not just a new Asset Class but the Democratisation of Banking

03 Aug 2023

Living and working in a developed economy, it is easy to view crypto as simply a new and interesting alternative investment class – a useful way to diversify a portfolio or earn yield. Crypto is yet another menu item on the abundant and sophisticated investment smorgasbord, competing for allocation. What we lose sight of is the grand vision of cry...