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Bheem Adavikolanu

Bheem Adavikolanu

Chief Transformation Officer at Altimetrik
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Bio Bheem is the chief transformation officer for Altimetrik, a digital enablement company which supports fintech and payments businesses to ensure effective digital transformation. Career History Bheem is a seasoned business executive with three decades of business and technology experience. Over his career, he has established a strong reputation from working with European customers across a wide range of industries.



Why a big bang approach to digital transformation is the scenic route to failure

07 Mar 2023

Time and again digital transformation initiatives fail. Research by McKinsey shows that 70 percent of complex, large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals. Some companies are now frightened to go down the route of digital transformation after their expensive ‘big bang approach’ didn’t work, despite a long and laborious process. But...