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Looking Ahead: The Digital Economy in 2024

22 Dec 2023

2023 has seen the world’s financial institutions take steps toward creating an enduring digital economy. Continued global investment in digital assets technology, improved interoperability (via public and private partnerships and smart frameworks), and a growing appetite for tokenization have set the sector up well for further innovation in 2024. ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

What the financial sector should expect from blockchain in 2023

20 Jan 2023

We are entering 2023 with tighter belts this year. However, we leave 2022 with unmatched blockchain experience, both good and bad. Will trends from 2022 roll into the new year? We look at how the financial system reacted to distributed ledger technology (DLT) in 2022 and what that predicts about its direction in 2023. Cutting a long story short, ...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

‘The DLT Down-Low with DiCaprio’: Interpreting 2022’s blockchain failures

27 Dec 2022

Projects sometimes fail. But when there are lots of headline collapses in a short period, it’s time to look for patterns. Was it all hanky panky or was there a more legitimate reason for failure? In this exploratory piece, I unpack five projects in the distributed ledger technology (DLT), more specifically, the blockchain space whose collapse made ...