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John Rutledge

John Rutledge

COO/CPO at HolyWally Pte Ltd
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Bio COO and CPO of HolyWally, the world's first wallet-as-a-service platform. It combines adaptability, rapid scalability and optimized user-experience. Creating a mobile wallet organization has never been simpler. Career History Experienced technology professional with a strong background in innovation, rapid prototyping and design. Previous tech innovation positions at American Family Insurance and VISA.



Why fintechs should focus on research and development

24 Apr 2023

If you think about it, it's odd to advocate more research and development for fintechs, but it is something we need to bear in mind at all times. Innovation is hard wired into our DNA, but often it´s front loaded. We're natural disruptors, wanting to take on what is already out there, and we launch our product with a great push in all stages of t...

Digital Banking

Five digital wallet themes in the media

11 Jan 2023

I've recently been tracking some of the key themes that are being aired by the media when taking about digital wallets. If it shows one thing above all else, is that not only is the humble digital wallet becoming part of the financial lexicon, but it’s playing a key part within how people deal with life. Let's first look at some of the main theme...