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Financial Transformation

What is Fintech as a service & the Impact of APIs on Fintechs?

01 Feb 2023

Introduction to Fintech as a Service (FaaS) Fintech as a Service (FaaS) is a business model that enables companies to outsource financial technology (fintech) services to a third-party provider. This model provides companies with a more flexible and cost-effective way to access fintech services and improve their financial operations. Let's explore...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

KYC API: How KYC as a service works

30 Jan 2023

APIs provide rapid and scalable applications for banking, payments, and other businesses that require identity verification for AML and KYC compliance. In most countries, some firms are obliged by law to comply with AML and KYC. When such firms authenticate their consumers, APIs may provide a faster, simpler, and less expensive way to comply while ...

Banking and Lending Solutions

Why Aadhaar eKYC transactions are prospering

30 Jan 2023

Aadhaar OKYC transactions jumped 22% in Nov; Aadhaar Verification transactions grew 11% 28.75 Cr eKYC transactions conducted using Aadhaar in Nov Indian Residents’ use of Aadhaar is continuing to advance across the nation. Aadhaar was used to complete 28.75 crore eKYC transactions in November alone, a 22% increase from the prior month. By the end o...

Digital Banking Trends

Identity Verification for Neo Banking: Ensuring Security and Compliance

30 Jan 2023

Introduction to Digital Customer Onboarding with Identity Verification for Neo Banking In the world of finance, digital onboarding is becoming increasingly important for neo banks. Neo banking refers to a new generation of digital-only banks that offer a wide range of financial services through mobile apps and online platforms. These banks are typ...