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Irina Latushkina

Irina Latushkina

Chief Business Development Officer at AIROME Technologies
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Bio We add security to your digital services - without SMS, OTPs or token 70 banks are already our clients Career History More than 10 years in security-related tech companies, more then 6 years on business managing positions with the best teams onboard. Addicted to challenge and freedom.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation


02 Oct 2023

To build an international start-up is a blessing – I’m one of those lucky people having a chance to have such a different experience. The same technology may get different realization based on the country and culture context. For example, we used to offer our clients in a banking area a fancy add-on to our main solution – QR-based authentication

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

What is mPIN code and does it fit in new mobile banking era?

23 May 2023

Every digital financial market is unique. In one and the same macro-region you will find a lot of peculiarities related to different countries. This is what I see distinctly in APAC region. The last couple of years I used to spend at least 1/3 of the year in Indonesia, so I found some very typical features here. Being here I feel very safe in my

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Why are banks slack in the implementing of cool digital tools?

20 Mar 2023

Being a part of Airome Tech, I used to talk to a lot to clients. Sometimes, I feel really sorry for bankers that started in non-digital era and now they have to work hard to keep leading positions in the world of IT. As many people say now: every bank is willing to become an IT company. But it is not that easy as it seems to be and based on my st


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

I’ll do it on my own: FRANKENSTEIN SECURITY for digital banking

25 Oct 2022

We live the time when garage inventions are not really possible anymore – everything truly great should be created by at least medium-size teams of top-professionals. Nowadays banks and fintechs have become real centers of technology and innovations, having very strong tech teams onboard. Obviously, they want to do everything on their own. But wh