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Daniel Cohen

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Chief Product Officer at PayU GPO
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Bio Chief Product Officer at PayU GPO overseeing product strategy and execution across PayU's growing global footprint and vertical expansion. I have significant experience working with merchants and financial institutions to successfully deliver solutions that make online payment experiences easy and intuitive, and love geeking out on what the future may bring to the FinTech space. Career History Chief Product officer at RSA Security for over a 10 years. Responsible for Anti-fraud division operating in the open banking and payments space.



Building the payment rails of the future

20 Mar 2023

It truly feels that the world is becoming smaller. We now live in a global economy where the ability to make international transactions – for businesses and consumers – is almost taken for granted. Despite this, there are several challenges still facing the sector. Conducting currency conversions and managing the exchange rate risk throughout the p...


4 FinTech trends to keep an eye on in 2023

23 Jan 2023

In comparison to 2021, last year saw a slowdown in growth across many fintech sectors, including banking, insurtech, and regtech. Despite this, Deloitte pegs the value of the fintech sector at $180 billion, and projects that figure to soar to a mind-boggling $213 billion by 2024. It’s often during times of recession and economic strain that we...

Financial Risk Management

Cyberattacks continue to threaten merchant success around the world

20 Oct 2022

With increased digitalisation in emerging markets around the world, merchants have started to offer alternative payment methods in the hope that they will grow their market share and appeal to the changing preferences of their customers. This includes delayed payments such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and account-to-account payments. However, with...