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Chargebacks in 2023: What Do Merchants Need?

06 Oct 2023

In terms of chargeback support, what do merchants need? The answer to that question varies, as every business faces its own unique problems. Moreover, the chargeback process is complex and ever-changing. That makes it hard to determine effective response strategies. To provide a greater understanding of merchant needs, Justt recently released a n...


Are We Seeing the Americanization of British Attitudes Toward Chargebacks?

18 Jul 2023

Annual survey data from the 2023 Justt Customer Attitudes Towards Chargebacks report depict a drastic change in British consumer willingness to employ chargebacks. Whereas U.K. consumers previously demonstrated a preference for refunds and lower chargeback usage, 2023 results now show response data at levels that mirror American attitudes. Is this...

Fintech innovation and startups

Recent Acquisitions Show Path Forward in Chargeback Mitigation

31 Jul 2022

An area in payments that has been heating up over the past year and a half is the handling of credit card payment disputes, AKA chargebacks. Four chargeback mitigation solutions have been acquired in the last 18 months: Chargehound by PayPal, by Sift, ChargebackOps by ClearSale and last week Midigator by Equifax. The timing of the ...

Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis

Friendly Fire: Chargeback Fraud Has Become a Consumer Weapon

24 Jul 2022

Consumers have weaponized chargebacks through chargeback fraud. Convenient access to easily granted charge repudiations has opened the door to purposeful friendly fraud. As a result, a growing field of users now abuse the chargeback process - a system meant to protect consumers - to sidestep the refund process and engage in cyber shoplifting. It i...