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In-store, online & in-app – unifying payment authentication

14 Apr 2023

Often, new technologies are lauded as the death of existing ones. This has been undoubtedly true in some areas. Think audio cassettes and CDs, Betamax and VHS, fax machines and email… and a host of other examples. Sometimes the market and product vendors can influence this decision but, mostly, consumers decide which technologies win based on the ...

Frictionless Payments

The trends accelerating Biometric Payment Card adoption

18 Nov 2022

The growth of contactless biometric payment cards has gained even more momentum in 2022. With recent launches in Morocco, and more on the horizon, it is an exciting time for the technology. But what external factors are driving this trend and why should the payments industry take note? Mandates and mobiles Changes in payment technology have s


Biometric payment cards: Benefits, misconceptions, and future adoption

29 Jun 2022

Adoption of biometric payment cards is increasing across the globe, and there are many reasons for this. Let’s start with regulatory compliance and enhanced security. The recently imposed Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires banks to perform more checks to confirm the identity of a consum...