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The $20 Trillion Payments Market

20 Sep 2022

The global digital payments market is estimated to reach $20 Trillion by 2026, growing at 24% per year. To put that into perspective, it’s bigger than the global telecommunication and automobile manufacturing industries. The drivers fuelling the growth of payments include the high penetration of the internet and smartphones combined with consumer...



FinTech on Sale: The Upcoming Shopping Spree

22 Jun 2022

In 2009, former Fed chair, Paul Volcker, said that the ATM has been the only useful innovation in banking over the previous 20 years. How much innovation have banks done since? Does the current market downturn create an opportunity for them to catch up? I would argue so, yes. If they want to of course. Brendan Greeley, wrote in the FT over the wee...



Sequoia warns start-ups: It is not the strongest, most intelligent that survive

31 May 2022

You may have seen Sequoia Capital’s recent presentation to start-up founders, titled “Adapting to Endure”. I first saw it here. It’s more than 50 slides, so here’s my summary in under 1000 words – for those, like me, who lose focus after 10 slides. In case you’re not familiar with Sequoia: they are one of the first, and biggest VC funds in the wo...