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Bio David is founder and CEO at Hi, an innovative fintech created to help companies unlock fast, affordable working capital and pay employees more flexibly. Career History David Brown has over three decades worth of experience and two successful start-ups founded under his leadership. He loves to build businesses with a focus on payments using his unique background in structured trade finance, technology and legals. David puts social impact at the core of everything he does and Hi was developed from the idea that companies need access to cheaper financing and employees have a right to their own money as soon as they earn it.



Why businesses should partner with fintechs in 2023

13 Jan 2023

2023 is likely to be another tough year for UK businesses. They face falling consumer confidence, rising inflation and extreme market volatility. Meanwhile, banks are tightening access to credit when businesses need it most. UK businesses need to look beyond traditional financing methods to access necessary finance and ensure their survival through...


Innovation in Financial Services

How flexible pay can boost UK's productivity

26 Oct 2022

The UK economy is struggling amid a cost-of-living crisis with millions of households in economic hardship. The change of leadership with the appointment of Rish Sunak as prime minister has raised discussion on how the economy can be kickstarted. An area which has been highlighted is the UK’s low productivity levels. Nothing is more important to a ...


UK Businesses threatened by rising insolvency threat

19 Oct 2022

According to a report from the Office for National Statistics, there were over 5,600 registered company insolvencies between April and June. This represents a 13% increase on the previous quarter and an 81% rise from Q2 2021. Weakening consumer demand and soaring costs, in addition to a volatile economic climate, are wreaking havoc for businesses....



Should people have to pay to access their own salary?

22 Aug 2022

While I fully believe that employees should have flexible access to their own salary, I do question whether it’s morally right to charge them for the privilege. It is clear the cost-of-living crisis is prompting greater questioning of the standard model, leading to many employers to consider dropping the concept of a monthly paycheque. They are ado...