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100 mph Tape - rallying, wealth management and short term fixes

01 Feb 2023

In our family 2 inch gaffer tape is known as 100mph tape. The name is a throwback to the days when my dad used to rally. Anyone who has rallied will know things break and fall off, and rallying isn’t a sport with a pit with a team of fully equipped mechanics around every muddy turn or conveniently positioned in every forest, so much of the time yo...


All you need is love

07 Oct 2022

It wasn't that long ago that large elements of society were confused and confounded by millennials, their focus on seeking adventure and experience, and penchant for avocado on toast. But the elders of that generation are now a long way away from that stereotype, marching into their 40’s with all the trappings of previous generations at that age; ...

Digital Sales

The Lance Armstrong guide to wealth management operations

10 Mar 2022

Grand Tour cycling experienced a global boom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s largely down to what are now known to be chemically enhanced heroics of the disgraced rider Lance Armstrong. In the dark years when most of the Peloton was chemically turbo charged it was easy to forget that for success in a Grand Tour, such as the Tour de France, a tea...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

I know a great shortcut...

07 Dec 2021

One of my guilty pleasures in sales is the opportunity to bring an enthusiastic expert to meet one of my prospects experts and to listen to them riff at a level way above my level of understanding. Irrespective of the complexity, enthusiasm compels you to concentrate and as a result there is usually a nugget of knowledge which I can simplify and u...