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Architect - Technology at Cognizant
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Bio Dhruvesh is currently working as Architect - Technology at Cognizant Worldwide. Career History Dhruvesh is a seasoned Cloud Solution Architect and hands-on Cloud-native backend Developer. He is a thought leader and passionate tech evangelist to enable Digital Transformation with solid experience in Investment banking, Capital Markets, Post Trade Technology, Cash & Liquidity Management and Payments.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Journey to Cloud - How to kick start cloud-enabled digital transformation?

18 Nov 2020

In recent era, Banking and Financial organizations are now embracing cloud, the question has changed from “Should we go to cloud?” to “How to embrace cloud?”. This article will focus on cloud modernization basics such as what and why of cloud-enabled digital transformation first and then provide insights on how to approach cloud modernization. Wha...