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7 reasons to meet customers face-to-face

16 Sep 2020

I worked with fintech for a few years, we built a brand. Now, there are people in different countries who love that brand. Few years back, this brand name was just a project in a PowerPoint file of the founder. With all the dreams and enthusiasm, we, the team gave life to that project and built a brand. Now, it’s a known and loved brand by migrant...

Mobile Financial Services (MFS)

Bangladesh to face 4IR

15 Sep 2020

Internet has opened a new horizon which was basically a seedbed of multiple revolution. We keep challenging our limitations and enhancing our productivity. Technology based capacity maximization brought ourselves to embrace a revelation whether we are ready or not. At the beginning of technological advancement, we started using internet as a tool ...


White Space for Fintech Startups

10 Sep 2020

I have attended the singapore fintech festival twice, a wonderfully managed, world largest fintech festival. We had a small stall in the festival to showcase our startup. The stall was in the fintech corner, mixed up with so many other fintech startups from different part of the world. Considering the chance of getting lost in crowd, we found a ou...