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Bio The world around us is in full transition! Everyday, I aspire to contribute to a more sustainable planet and strive for financial inclusion. Our innovative financial solutions offer liquidity to the real-economy and are leading to new paradigm shifts, ecosystems and win-win situations in the financial industry. We are a fintech company that design financial products that go way beyond any limiting beliefs and deliver unmatched results to Enterprises, Investors, Governments and Banks.


Financial Supply Chain

Innovative commercial finance underwriting can profitably ignite economic recovery

15 Jul 2020

The current economic slump creates a trade finance paradox: Banks do not grant new credit limits, tight be regulatory constraints. Credit insurers face deep losses on traditional credit insurance schemes. Credit reinsurers have substantial reinsurance capacity available but cannot place it. The result: major losses for all parties. Heading towar...

Finance 2.0

Quantitative easing: the step to make it highly effective

29 Jun 2020

Quantitative easing (QE) programs, i.e. purchase of bonds by Central Banks, have been used to inject liquidity in the economy. Yet studies show that less than 10% of generated liquidity by investors effectively reaches ‘the real economy’. QE programs have created massive liquidity, deposited at Banks. The bottleneck Banks have a structural cap to f...

Treasury Management

SMEs and their personnel: the sacrifice of the COVID-19 crisis?

23 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented economic contraction, hitting SMEs first due to their structurally limited solvency. Banks, even when backed up by State guarantee, are unable to provide new credit lines. SMEs and their personnel are the first victims. States are expected to facilitate the economic recovery. However State budg...