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Business Knowledge for IT

Accelerate innovations and deployments by building your apps in a cloud-native environment

20 Jan 2021

To keep up with tech-savvy competitors, accelerate business growth, and gain competitive advantage; forward-thinking enterprises are embracing modern deployment approaches like microservices, serverless, and containers to become more agile to changes. Cloud technology, being the game-changer in the current digital ecosystem, enterprises want to lev...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How Merging AI, NLP, Text, & ML-driven Assistive Technologies are Transforming User Experience

20 Jan 2021

“How many days until the next team meeting?”, "Can you set the timer for 15 mins?”, "Can you order a pizza from my favourite café?" How nice it is when someone can practically follow our commands and organize the day. No, we are not talking about any “house elves” but our very own virtual assistants, Alexa and Siri, which are now bec...

Capital Market Technology

2020 FinTech Trends & 7 Predictions that you should be aware of!

10 Mar 2020

The market trends implicate that FinTech investment can enhance & automate the tedious financial operations, which leads to the skyrocketing investment of $30 billion by 2020, and it is estimated to increase gradually. This investment is to reduce the manual working hours and the cost spent. The post-crisis regulatory frameworks have been stea...