Payson Johnton

Payson Johnton

CEO and Co-Founder at Crowdz
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Bio Payson E. Johnston is the CEO and co-founder of Crowdz, a B2B payments company in Silicon Valley, focused on helping SMEs get paid faster, and access invoice finance. Career History Payson has worked for over 20 years in diverse areas including value chains and supply chain management, serving for 18 years as global B2B supply-chain Senior Manager for Cisco. Payson has lectued at University of San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley Extension.


Small Business Lending Innovation

The State of Small Business in The UK: Do Small Business Owners Need More Support?

10 Feb 2022

According to statistics released in January of this year by The Office of National Statistics, or ONS, many small businesses across the UK are struggling to stay afloat. In fact, close to 15 percent, or one-in-seven small businesses in the country are at a high risk of imminent closure, and the businesses with fewer than ten employees - also known...

Financial Supply Chain

Invoice Financing 101: What is Invoice and Receivables Financing?

31 May 2021

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has been especially hard on small to medium enterprises, or SMEs. While multinational corporations like Amazon and Tesla have grown astronomically over the pandemic, small disruptions, like late payments on invoices which are typically survivable in normal times, are causing many SMEs to go out of business. Althou...

Inclusive FinTech

Smarter risk assessment is key to drive equitable financing for SMBs

12 Feb 2021

As businesses across the nation continue to swim against COVID-19’s economic tsunami, we’re beginning to see a new trend emerge from companies who have fared well (or thrived): social impact financing. This new wave of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a simple way to drive tangible support outcomes for struggling businesses, rather than re...

Inclusive FinTech

Trustworthy Risk Assessment and Sustainable Financing is Key to SMB Recovery

14 Dec 2020

Integrated, tech-based risk assessment capabilities provide an ethical and sustainable infrastructure to ensure financial responsibility, and allow small-to-medium businesses to access vital recovery financing despite a challenging and turbulent economic landscape. The world and its economies are in the midst of the fastest transformation ever ex...