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Innovation in Financial Services

How banks can be more customer-centric

01 Nov 2018

Do something you never thought you could Successful innovation focuses on making customers' lives easier, better and, ideally, more enjoyable. In banking, this focus is calibrated by de-complicating processes that customers have to go through simply to manage or move their money, make payments, checks balances and other everyday matters that are d...

Banking Architecture

Legacy systems are a pain in the bank

26 Oct 2018

Banks today are no strangers to wake-up calls. They come thick and fast in trade journals. They frame the digital transformation discussion. They resonate with traditional banks, especially when they're delivered by FinTech companies. Here's one you might consider controversial, to say the least: “The lack of competence in banking is sometimes o...


Millennial Banking

Mobile innovation: The new battleground for financial services differentiation

12 Oct 2018

A simple truth Today’s millennial banking customers (born between 1980 and 1996) are masters of the smartphone; accustomed to running their lives, and certainly their money matters, on the go. Through mobile devices they want to access their bank accounts, easy payment capabilities for shopping, easy ways to manage and move their money. The phone

Innovation in Financial Services

Enriching customer relationships in financial services: the role of automation

27 Sep 2018

Since every major step forward in process efficiencies, in any industry, entails a moral consideration, it's no surprise that there may be some hesitation around its adoption in the financial services sector. My colleague, Jason Bell, recently discussed the pressing need for banks to transform into technology companies in his blog, 'The opportunit...