Noel Rohayem

Noel Rohayem

Marketing Manager at CBXmarket
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Bio A fin-tech Jane-of-all-trades, I do a bit of everything... and a lot of communicating. Career History I come from a design and research background spanning a variety of clients and industries. It's a joy to be able to use all of the different tools in my basket no matter the role.



InvestOps USA 2019 Key Takeaways

28 Mar 2019

Earlier this month our team attended the InvestOps USA 2019 conference just outside of Tampa, Florida. COOs, CTOs and other operations professionals converged to discuss current trends shaping the industry. Presentations covered an array of topics, including: Challenges being navigated among Investment Operations Teams Best practices being deploye...

Blockchain Observations

Emerging Technologies: The Future of Fixed Income

07 Mar 2019

Around 80% of all US corporate bond volume (based on dollar amount) is still traded telephonically, while 90% of all US equities volume (based on dollar amount) is traded electronically. This disparity is quite shocking on the surface, but when you look under the hood of the two markets one can understand why this is the case. Equity markets are m...

Innovation in Financial Services

The 2019 Fixed Income Technology Landscape - Part 1: Painpoints and Possibilities

07 Feb 2019

Understanding the Options: Investment Processes vs. Operational Procedures The range of tools available in today’s market reflects the increased diversity of operations among fixed income managers. To fully understand the role that technology plays in the asset management lifecycle, it is helpful to categorize the technology functions under two un...


5 Reasons You're Working Late and How to Get Your Time Back

24 Jan 2019

Workflow inefficiencies can cost investment managers millions of dollars each year. According to a 2017 study by McKinsey, 80% of workers spent 51% of total working hours on processes that could be automated (collecting data, processing data, and physical activities and operating machinery for predictable or routine tasks). All the while, there ar...