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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Governance, risk and compliance: the top five focus areas for the board

21 Jun 2019

While the importance of effective governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is generally understood, how and where it is managed can still vary. Day-to-day, multiple functions and departments within the business are likely to handle GRC operations but overall, it is essential that the board and C-suite own and drive the GRC strategy. Creati...



GRC 2019: All hands on tech

05 Mar 2019

Today’s risk environment is dynamic. Businesses have to deal efficiently and effectively with a constant onslaught of new regulations, cybersecurity threats and the rise of the consumer voice via social media and sites like As such, many organisations have turned to integrated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technologies to help...


GRC 2019: The known unknowns

22 Feb 2019

“The future of GRC will not just be about managing known risks or monitoring compliance. It will be about sustaining an organisation’s social license to operate.” Now that 2019 is underway, it is a good time for organisations to review risks over the past year in the hopes of previewing how they may develop in the future. After another year of land...

Information Security

Top 4 ways to secure your data in the cloud

05 Dec 2018

In today’s information age, a daunting challenge for financial organisations of all sizes is determining the right approach to the storage of large volumes of data in a safe, cost-effective, compliant and easy-to-access manner. Deploying solutions on premise can be complicated and put stress on budgets and infrastructure space as the process would...