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Almond FinTech Raises $7M


Almond FinTech, a B2B technology company bridging the worlds of fiat and digital currency, is excited to announce a new funding milestone of $7 million. The funding will help broaden Almond's rapidly expanding network in Asia, the Americas, and Africa, while reinforcing their commitment to making financial services affordable and accessible to people everywhere.

Almond's proprietary Settlement Optimization Engine (SOE) tracks hundreds of digital currencies and blockchains to identify optimal routing for international transfers, ensuring the lowest possible cost combined with the highest availability. The technology revolutionizes how money moves by achieving near-instant settlements, protecting against forex risk, and minimizing international float requirements.

"I am humbled and honored to be part of a formidably intelligent and passionate team driven by an unwavering commitment to improving equitable access to financial services and possessing the capacity for substantial impact," said Adam Swartzbaugh, CEO and co-founder of Almond."

Beyond cross-border transactions, Almond empowers clients with a game-changing credit scoring platform — driven by behavioral analytics — to provide fast, low-risk, and ethical loans to communities with unconventional or limited credit histories.

"Almond is removing systemic friction points underpinning global access to essential financial services using an elegant approach that achieves a meaningful, intelligent solution across long-standing problems that bears a measurable and truly innovative technology," said Megan Mitchell, associate director, MIT Pathways for Talent.

Almond also recently achieved SOC2 Type 1 Compliance, or SSAE 18, adhering to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for service organization control.

"The change we are bringing to the financial sector is inevitable," says Yunus Sevimli, co-founder and CTO of Almond FinTech. "Blockchain and digital currencies have already 'crossed the chasm' and are on a path to global adoption. What we are doing at Almond is using this global, ubiquitous technology as an infrastructure to move value across borders. This approach circumvents the friction and losses inherent in existing funds transfer models otherwise burdened by intermediaries and middlemen."

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