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Ingenico helps merchants build customisable Android payments app

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, a global leader in payments acceptance solutions, has just announced the launch of its AXIUM Payment Experience (APEX) a revolutionary payments app that aims to take the burden of creating and building a custom payments app off the shoulders of businesses.

With APEX, businesses can streamline the process of creating a bespoke payments app by providing a secure base framework for payment requirements that can be quickly developed and certified, saving both time and investment. This new app provides payment solution functionalities that meet North American customer requirements, catering to a range of industries, including Retail, Grocery, Restaurant, and Hospitality.

APEX is built on the AXIUM platform, which includes a range of Android payment devices and APIs for easy integration of value-adding applications. This reduces development time and cost, allowing for quick scalability and customization options to improve end-user experience. APEX also provides a bridge from third-party apps to the Ingenico Payment Platform as a Service (PPaaS) and makes it easy for businesses to connect to PPaaS using the North America Unified API (NUA). Stand-alone and semi-integrated solutions are available to enhance the security and consumer experience of bespoke payment systems.

With this app, Ingenico customers can realize the benefit of a connected ecosystem and focus on creating a more meaningful merchant and consumer experience. Ingenico’s “North America Unified API (NUA)”, a standardised API that works across the North American region, allows for easy integrations to offer consumers services like gift cards, loyalty programmes, surveys, and much more. APEX also provides Ingenico customers with the ability to create a cross-border solution, which would allow companies to create one app to service multiple countries across the North American region, instead of having to create a separate app for each country.

Accelerating Time to Market and Customization for Payment Solution Providers

The AXIUM platform, which underpins APEX, streamlines the process of creating custom payments apps by providing a secure base framework upon which these apps can be quickly built and certified. This translates to faster time to market in the rapidly evolving payments landscape, enabling our customers and partners to dedicate more time to adding value to their payment apps and tailoring them to the specific merchant segments they serve. By adding APEX to their payment software portfolio, banks and acquirers can greatly reduce development costs and time and achieve quick scalability with easy integration of value-adding applications. Ultimately, this leads to an improved end-user experience and a competitive edge for our customers and partners in the payments industry.

The payment app benefits from full integration with Ingenico Estate Manager, allowing customers to schedule and remotely manage software upgrades, configuration changes, and tailoring merchant software offing to their needs, furthering the creation of software and licensing opportunities.

“The end-to-end process of creating a market-specific payments app can be a lengthy and costly process, taking up to 12 months when including the required value add functionality for specific merchant segments and their associated consumer customers” explained Peter Stewart, Head of North America Region for Ingenico. “With APEX, our customers are provided with a strong and secure base of payment functionality, so they can focus on adding unique features that bring value to both their merchant customers and the consumer, for a fraction of the time and cost and in a at a modular licensing model. 

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