SunTec and i-flex to integrate banking technologies

Source: SunTec Business Solutions

SunTec Business Solutions today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with i-flex Solutions to address the financial services industry.

This partnership will result in the creation of an integrated relationship management solution to address the industry's increasing focus on profitability analysis and customer retention.

TBMS-F, SunTec's relationship-based pricing product, will integrate with the core banking offerings from i-flex to address the pricing of direct revenue streams across multiple channels, service delivery points, product and service offerings and divisions of a core banking customer.

"With the financial services industry moving towards direct revenue streams due to the commodization of products and resulting price wars, the industry is turning its eyes towards a dedicated infrastructure for pricing and billing," said K Nanda Kumar, President and CEO of SunTec. "This partnership will enrich SunTec's position in the market and will yield a mutually beneficial growth for both companies in the industry."

The integrated solution will help the financial services industry derive more value from a core banking implementation by taking control of every customer transaction, enabling better control over product management and customer accounts management. With the integration of pricing and billing across divisions, the customer is able to benefit from increased transparency in billing.

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