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Nordic fintechs Mash and Tink team up

Source: Mash

​Finnish fintech company Mash partners with Tink to  take the next step in becoming a fully data-driven payment solution provider.

Tink’s account aggregation capabilities allow for the aggregation of any financial information  that is typically available in banks’ mobile apps. Mash will use Tink’s technology to deliver a  better experience to its 150,000 users by providing smoother onboarding process and much  deeper control, visibility and insight about their financials.   

The partnership is part of Mash’s wider plans to enhance the customer experience and build  new, innovative services for its users under the new payment services directive (PSD2).    

The integration will be rolled out later this year in Finland and can be extended to Mash’s  operations in Sweden, Poland and Spain.   

- I think we found a perfect match here. We selected Tink as an API provider due to their  capabilities in Finland and their pan-European connectivity. The quality of the aggregated data  that Tink can access makes them a reliable source which will enable us to deliver a better  service to our customers by making more informed decisions, says​ James Hickson, CEO at  Mash.    

- Mash is one of our partners who chooses to leverage the opportunities brought about by  open banking to become more data-driven and deliver a better customer service. It’s one of  the use cases that will bring benefits to both their customers and to them as a business, which  is exactly what open banking is all about, says Daniel Kjellén, CEO and co-founder at Tink.   

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